Alma Sneakers

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Black gold
Gray silver
US Sizes
Add a sparkling touch to your look by investing in these cool Alma Sneakers.
The runner boasts shimmering gold detail, features band strap detailing and popping white outsole.
Wear yours with jeans and a cool top every day of the week.
LET YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE THROUGH:With bold accents on a classic design, you get to mix the old and the new. Alma is a timeless style made for you.
MATCH WITH YOUR FAVORITE YOUNGSTER:Thanks to the innovative versatility of this slip-on, Alma is loved by every generation
WALK THAT MUCH LONGER:A healthy curve and ample padding help you walk pain-free. Feel good wile you keep up with everyone else.
ENJOY NATURE WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS: You can now enjoy the sunset after a hike without wincing in pain, or spend long hours with the family, living an active lifestyle. 
BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE: Instead of having to rely on others, rule your own destiny. Want something done, get right on it. Alma is with you, and it helps you live in the best way possible.
With a durable PVC outsole, Alma supports you even on the rough days. The soft cotton insole distributes all the pressure and lets you walk pain-free. Innovative silicone lining lasts an extra mile and helps you avoid blisters. A breathable upper stretch material conforms to your needs,  accommodating every foot type.