Alice Sneakers (3 colors)

US Sizes
Get breathable comfort for your office-free time with the fashionable Alice Sneaker.
Forget about shoe-shopping, Alice is all you need for every activity.
Fresh, cloud-like walking is yours to achieve.
STRESS-FREE PET WALKS: When you need to speed up and slow down constantly, Alice is there to support you without letting your toes suffer from the impact. 
FULFILLING ACTIVITIES WITH FAMILY: Stay on your feet no matter what. Join your family in fun games like tag without stressing about pain or possible falls. Alice has a sole that gives you the best grip. 
NEW, PRECIOUS MEMORIES: Don't let anything keep you from fulfilling your dreams of travel and achievement. Go on the adventure you have always dreamt of thanks to your improved well-being.
ONE CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION: When you prefer sneakers to heels, Alice is the answer. Sporty yet classy, it is the more comfortable solution for your days off work. 
BETTER FEET HEALTH: A sporty design is not just for show. The curved outsole of the runner is made to redistribute workout pressure, while the stretch fabric conforms to your needs.
Breathable construction creates a cool environment that prevents over-heating and swelling. An air-cushioned sole supports you from the heel to the toes. A lightweight overall design lets you move briskly and walk further. Cotton lining is gentle against your skin and prevents uncomfortable rubbing. Hand-stitched elements add the quality you can trust.