Never Suffer Again: How Astra Sneakers and Adaptive Comfort Footwear Making Foot Pain a Thing of the Past!

by Louise Heavens April 28th, 2023

Life has never been as busy as it is now, has it? Especially for women

Waking up early, choosing the day's attire, applying makeup, styling hair, rushing to work, shopping, taking care of the house and children, and hoping to have a little time left at the end of the day for self-care. 

With so many daily tasks, it seems like the day is too short for all of this

Worse still, it seems that our spine can barely handle this hectic routine.

Spending hours on our feet or moving from one place to another is a reality for women facing the challenges of the modern world. 

And the ones that suffer the most from this are their feet. After all, they carry them everywhere and bear the burden of a day full of challenges.

The big problem is that women often struggle with finding suitable shoes for this fast-paced life full of demands. 

Only those who have spent an entire day walking in high heels know what we're talking about.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry remains highly focused on aesthetics, often neglecting comfort

There's a phrase that has become immortalized history: "To look beautiful, you have to suffer!" 

We're not sure about the origin of this phrase, but we believe it dates back to the time of corsets.

The point is, the world has evolved significantly since the time of corsets, and so have women. 

Believing that suffering is necessary to look beautiful is an outdated idea

Today, women seek both comfort and beauty, but it seems the fashion industry still doesn't quite understand this, especially when it comes towomen's shoes.

Considering this, we sought the help of a professional to understandhow to combine beauty, practicality, comfort, and health. 

We spoke with Dr. Sophie Esponzio, a physical therapist specializing in postural correction, and learned some concerning facts about the harmful effects of wearing conventional shoes daily.

According to Dr. Sophie Esponzio, the most common problems women present in her office are injuries caused by excessive use of high heels and shoes with steep heel angles.

"The big problem is that wearing high heels changes the way women walk; high heels alter the natural way we step on the ground. 

The body's weight is concentrated on the front of the feet, causing an overload in that area. 

Our feet's shape is the result of evolution; they are 'designed' to absorb the impacts of walking, and this absorption occurs throughout the entire foot. 

When we focus this effort on just one region, we end up causing injuries."

Another point mentioned by the doctor is the positioning of the head and shoulders. 

"When wearing high shoes, the shoulders move backward, and the head forward. 

This movement alters the natural angle of the spine and can cause serious problems, such as back and neck pain. 

These changes in the spine's structure cause considerable pain and can even leave a woman bedridden.

So, the obvious solution seems simple: stop wearing high shoes, and the problem is solved. 

However, reality isn't quite that simple; high shoes aren't the only culprits causing problems and pain. 

Excessively low shoes, like very flexible sneakers, can also harm the heels and knees.

Shoes that are too low provied inadequate shock absorption and exert too much pressure on the heels. 

Additionally, they don't protect the foot's arch and fail to provide a stable support platform during walking, explained Dr. Sophie in an interview with our news portal.

The ideal shoes feature a platform of about 4.5 cm and a sole capable of absorbing the impact of walking. 

We asked the doctor for her recommendations on suitable shoes to share with our readers, and she introduced us to DeeTrade's Astra line.

The Astra line was developed by orthopedists specifically for women who experience pain from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spurs, Morton's Neuroma, gouty arthritis, and other issues caused by wearing shoes that negatively affect posture and leave the heels vulnerable.

DeeTrade's Astra line consists of a stylish collection of sneakers that combine comfort, safety while walking, shock absorption, and proper spine alignment, thus preventing problems in the knees, heels, and spine.

The Astra model offers unparalleled postural correction

The effects can be felt within the first few days of use, as walking with the spine in the correct position alleviates pressure and, consequently, pain.

Astra sneakers feature a 4.5 cm thick Deep Memory Foam sole, which has an incredible shock absorption capacity and protects the heels and knees from injuries.

"I always recommend the Astra to my patients, especially those who have very demanding workloads and suffer more from the challenges of everyday life. 

The results are always amazing, and that's why I recommend the Astra line without hesitation

It's like prescribing medication for someone who suffers from headaches, but in this case, the pain is in the knees and spine, and the remedy is DeeTrade shoes, especially Astra,"said a smiling Dr. Sophie.

The Astra line combines elegance, style, comfort, and protection, all in a 4.5 cm Deep Memory Foam platform with high impact absorption. 

Additionally, the shoes are made with the best materials available in the orthopedic market, ensuring a long lifespan for these beauties.

Astra sneakers were developed with the modern woman in mind: someone who works hard, spends time with her family, and maintains an active social life – a woman who walks a lot! 

For this reason, the Astra line is constructed with highly breathable materials, ensuring that your feet remain cool. 

And we know that's important, right?

Astra sneakers are not just "another orthopedic shoe"; instead, they introduced a new category of shoes: 

Adaptive Comfort Footwear.

But, what Adaptive Comfort Footwear is stand for?

Adaptive Comfort Footwear, like Astra sneakers, is like a master key that unlocks relief for various foot problems

These sneakers adjust to different foot issues by providing cushioned support, arch alignment, and pressure point relief. 

Astra sneakers adapt to your feet's unique needs, promoting foot health and comfort. 

They're like a Swiss Army knife for feet, solving multiple problems and giving you the freedom to enjoy life without pain.

Our editorial team had the opportunity to try some Astra sneakers, courtesy of Dr. Sophie. 

We tested them, approved them, and now want to share with you the best benefits of these incredibly attractive, modern, and comfortable orthopedic shoes:

● Say goodbye to foot and joint pain

The Astra line was developed using the latest orthopedic technology

Made of a flexible, lightweight, and comfortable polymer, it provides a perfect fit for your feet and excellent impact absorption, minimizingthe risks ofinflammation and injuries to the feet and joints.

● Breathable and slip-resistant

Astra sneakers are designed to prevent your foot from slipping while walking, eliminating the need for toe muscles to work hard to keep the shoe in place. 

The polymer used in the production of the Astra line is 100% Climacool, making it the ideal sneaker for home activities and even physical activities like walks in the park or light jogs.

● Helps correct orthopedic problems

Many orthopedic issues are caused by inadequate footwear. 

The Astra line can help correct these problems.

Combining lightness, shock absorption, and an anatomical fit,Astra sneakers helps to relieve the pressures caused by walking, improve blood flow in the feet, realign the stride, and preserve the foot arch, preventing new complications and alleviating existing pain.

● Safety and adaptability for your steps

The Astra line outsole is 4.5 cm thick, ensuring that your feet adapt to the terrain's irregularities without suffering. 

This increased thickness also directly affects shock absorption, providing perfect support, stability, and safety with each step.

● An Astra shoe is cheaper than corrective surgery

Prevention is better than cure, right? 

The Astra line is the ideal prevention against foot and joint complications and injuries.

We all know that a foot or joint injury can easily progress into a serious orthopedic or even postural problem. 

These problems can worsen over time, and intervention may even be necessary to correct such complications.

But why complicate things when we can simply adopt the Astra line of shoes as a beautiful and comfortable part of our lives?

Our editorial team genuinely appreciates the results that Astra brings. 

And since we believe that helping others should be a daily exercise, we decided to get in touch with DeeTrade company to bring this fantastic product a little closer to you.

How to buy Astra sneakers?

Our reporter reached out to DeeTrade, the company behind the manufacture of Astra sneakers.

In response, they informed us that the product is not sold in physical stores, only through the official DeeTrade website.

They also cautioned that, due to the product's sales success, several counterfeits have appeared in the market.

Only through the official DeeTrade Astra site can you be completely sure to receive the original product with a warranty.

As a thank you for this article, the manufacturer has made a special discount and a gift available to our readers.

To take advantage of the promotion, simply click on the button below or here, and the discount will be applied automatically.

What are you waiting for? Don't let this opportunity pass you by! The Astra line of shoes is the only option on the market that guarantees healthy and stylish walking!

UPDATE: The company is currently running the Special Seasonal Sale. You get 50% OFF discounts if you buy Astra Sneakers and Get Free Anti-Fatigue Miracle Compression Socks online today, only from their official website here!


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