Stella Sneakers


The versatile Stella Volleyball Shoes are here to support your healthy lifestyle and active daily routine. 

The lace-up sneaker offers an explosion of color that brings a ray of sunshine into your life while supporting your needs.

A fashionable shoe for a fashionable gal is here to let you run, bounce and hike!

BE THE STAR OF EVERY GATHERING:A splash of color in connection with a comfortable professional sports shoe grants you the ability to endure and prevail during long periods of movement and retain your youthful glow.

BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS AGAIN: You do not have to become dependent just yet. Run your own errands with stretchable, lightweight footwear that lets you walk without pain and fatigue.

SUPPORT YOUR GRANDCHILDREN:Sports games, plays and jungle gym playgrounds. Jump up and cheer without making your family worry. Rediscover the ability to balance and move.

NO MORE HARD IMPACT: Thanks to the TPU and PU mix in the flexible sole, the pressure on your feet is minimized and distributed, letting you avoid heel spurs and paresthesia resulting in comfortable sitting or walking.

BOUNCE AROUND LIKE IT IS 1999: Thanks to the unique For Motion technology, these sneakers reduce the impact of movement on your joints and save you from a world of pain. You can move for hours if your heart wishes so.

Cotton lining and breathable mesh create air circulation that will prevent sweating and the formation of callouses. A comfortable stretch material comforts your feet and adjusts to your needs making sure that you will never feel constrained. Return to a lifestyle of movement and take your loved ones with you!