Peggy Sneakers (4 colors)

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You do not need to dread wearing shoes. Leather shoes can be very tough on the leg, so also are heels. You do not need to wear costly heels before your foot ware steals the show, you can flaunt your sneaker and be the focal point of the party. The Peggy Sneakers are your go-to guys.

  • It is a very stylish shoe you can rock at parties
  • It is very comfortable to wear for casual days at work
  • Your toes wouldn’t hurt as the top is raised
  • Your foot wouldn’t be sweaty as it is well aerated
  • The material is eco-friendly

Catherine needed to go to a party with her friend, it was her first time in years. She had nothing to wear, but she stumbled on our site and eventually ordered the Peggy Sneakers. The sneakers drove her right into the mood and she was very comfortable as she danced her breath out. Be like Cathy, order yours now!

Outsole Material: PVA
Insole Material: PU
Lining Material: Mesh
Upper Material: Eco-Leather