Papaya Sneakers

Size Guide
Meet the cheerful Papaya Runner that is here to add an inch to your height in a healthy way and brighten up your look every day.

Colors of the rainbow meet in the classy and sporty sneaker to accentuate your bright personality.

Papaya is a shoe you can wear all day long

ENJOY EVERY MOMENT WITH LOVED ONES: A thick platform and a lightweight overall design let you move more comfortably and with reduced fatigue. This, in turn, increases the hours you can spend on the go, with your family.

EXPERIENCE REDUCED DAILY PAINS:When dealing with existing conditions, Papaya is the right choice. It features an upper material that stretches to your needs and promotes air circulation.

AVOID DEVELOPING NEW HEALTH CONCERNS:The right shoe will keep you healthy from day one. Avoid Plantar fasciitis, bunions, blisters and any other new pains with an innovative lightweight midsole construction.

LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE:All the fun things that you have always loved to do are still a reality for you. The cushioned insole provides you with a soft, cloud-like feeling while you walk.

PUT YOUR TRUST IN YOU: With a trusted sole, you no longer have to be concerned about unexpected trips and falls. The anti-slip traction outsole is designed to bring back balance into your life.

The Papaya lace-up platform sneaker is the perfect choice for those who are looking for added balance, minimized pain and a comfortable day-to-day shoe. These fashion sneakers will keep you going for hours!