New York Runners


The New York Sneaker gets you to the places you need to be, it is speed, fashion and grace in the busy city streets.

A fun asymmetrical wave pattern paired with splashes of color refreshes your wardrobe.

A sleek shoe with added comfort, style and height.

NO TIME WASTED: Enjoy a tie-less design that instead lets you spend more time with your friends and family. Allow your adventurous spirit to roam free with a lightweight shoe that lifts you off the ground.

MORE TIME SPENT WITH FAMILY:Long walks, park visits and family get-togethers to the Zoo are all possible thanks to a cushioned insole that redistributes walking pressure, softening your base and reducing pain.

FEELING BETTER EVERY DAY:The superior grip rubber outsole adds comfort and stability to your everyday life. Worry less and radiate happiness more, creating absolute confidence in yourself.

INCREASING YOUR LIMITS:Enjoy support that lets you add more steps to your health routine every day. With a midsole that helps you regain energy through every step, you can take charge of your life again.

HEALTH FIRST:The sock-like design paired with a breathable fabric promotes healthy blood circulation and minimized perspiration keeping your feet dry and fungi-free.

Enjoy no-tie stretch laces, boosted midsole and a stretching sock-design upper material that fits your feet snuggly while letting you breathe. A high design promotes better blood circulation in your legs and a loop at the heel makes putting on the runner simple and hassle-free.