Lulu Platform Sneakers


The amazing Lulu Platform Shoe lets you take steps that are stable without having to be cautious. 

Participate in all the activities you thought impossible. Take your life into your own hands, say no to deteriorating health.

Let your shoes love your body by giving your feet the walking boost they need.

RUN ALONGSIDE YOUR LITTLE LOVED ONES: You might run out of breath with your little ones but your feet will always be ready to chase when provided with the comfort that is Lulu lace-up sneakers.

RULE YOUR OWN LIFE: Restrictions do not have to rule your life. When you struggle with chronic foot pain, the solution is a shoe that understands you. Lulu combines air cushioning and memory insole technology to reduce discomfort.

BE A ROLE MODEL:As we age, our friends have less energy. Make the first step towards the joy of active living. Motivate your girlfriends to an active lifestyle that will let you glow with happiness.

STAY DRY, STAY ACTIVE, KEEP GOING:Breathable mesh and a lightweight fabric let you wear the shoes all day. When sitting, walking or running, you do not have to take the Lulu off.

IT IS THE CURVE THAT MATTERS: The incredible ForMotion technology utilizes all the potential advantages of a healthy running shoe. The slight yet defined curve of the sneaker redistributes walking pressure and provides you with balance in every step.

An extra-thick outsole with a shock-absorption air cushion distributes walking pressure while a curved design lets you walk more naturally. The wear-resistant sole gives double the security for long, healthy walks.