Kimmy Sneakers (2 colors)

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Shoes don’t have to be dreadful to wear. You can always be comfortable in shoes. With this in mind, we present the Kimmy Sneakers. The ultimate wear of comfort and lustrous design. This impeccable beauty is set to make you comfortable and stylish – as usual.

  • You get to enjoy great style when matched with your outfit
  • You can always use it for exercises and work out sessions
  • You won’t hurt your ankle bones with this sneaker
  • You can always wear it on casual-corporate dresses
  • It is very flexible for use

There was a woman named Jane, she injured her foot and couldn’t wear hard shoes, so she decided to stay off shoe till she was healed. Her friend introduced the Kimmy Sneakers to her and she couldn’t be happier. Her feet were comfortable and safe. Get yours now!

Outsole Material: EVA
Insole Material: EVA
Upper Material: PU
Lining Material: Cotton Fabric