Evelyn Sneakers


The wild Evelyn Sneaker is here to make your life that much easier. Take a stroll or run with the wind in the perfect comfort sneaker. With a design that 

The casual sports sneaker looks great no matter the occasion. Choose between the free-spirited animal print, dazzling gold or moonlight silver and match the shoes with your favorite outfit.

Comfort meets fashion, meets health when you wear Evelyn.

  • A bouncing platform for improved foot health
  • Cloud-soft insole for all-day comfort
  • Breathable upper material for better air circulation
  • Impeccable detailingin every aspect
  • Extra inches that let you look taller and feel more confident
  • Quality stitching for a durable shoe that will last

Evelyn is every woman's best friend. It is a design that combines comfort with fashion. Increased durability lets you participate in endurance activities while a beautiful aesthetic turns this into the perfect street sneaker.