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The Style Is In The Details

The stylish Astra sneaker features extra cushioning to keep you looking—and feeling—good all day. It holds its own on the city streets and the nightclub.

  • Crafted in premium material for durability and cozy feel

  • Enhanced cushioning provides all-day comfort and support

  • Optimized for pain relief from flat feet, sore ankles, swelling, bunions and corns

  • A contemporary design that draws a second glance everywhere it goes


Outstanding shoes for ordinary feet

Astra Sneakers are specially designed to be the most perfect shoe for imperfect feet. And that’s most of us! Whatever your particular quirks and niggles, slip on your pair of Astras and you will:

  • Prevent blisters and calluses
  • Relieve foot pain and aches through extra support
  • Relax your whole body through better balance and posture
  • Enjoy the lightness and comfort of going barefoot
  • Show off your stylish side at work, play or exercise

Your Astra shoe is delivered ready to wear out the box - no breaking in necessary!

5-in-1 pain relief

Innovative technology for extraordinary comfort

What’s the secret of Astra sneakers? It’s in the orthopedic insoles…

  • Advanced arch support
  • Deep memory foam for comfort fit
  • Anatomic design perfect for all imperfect feet
  • Durable, high-quality fabric
  • High-Tech gel cushion for cloud comfort
advance-tech advance-tech

Our unique Astra insole is specially designed to address the 5 most common foot conditions, so that you can enjoy one great walk after another.

Give the gift of comfort

Introduce someone special to the Astra

Because we can deliver a brand new pair of box-fresh Astra sneakers to any door, they make a great gift. All you need to know is the size.

So if you know someone who can’t come out anymore, or has stepped off the pace, or just needs a little boost in their day - your feet are in their hands. Send them the gift of comfort today.

Anatomical Design

Perfectly formed to fit the shape of the foot

Gel Cushioning

Built-in gel cushioning for enhanced comfort

Arch Support

Arch support design for increased comfort

Memory Foam

Super comfortable memory foam construction

We’ll take care of everything - you just need to pick the color and select the size.

Why Our Customers Are So Happy…


There’s no need! Astra sneakers are specially designed for standard, wide, and even narrow feet. The super stretchy, flexible material fits the shape of your feet without compromising on support. If you can’t normally find the shoes you want because of wide feet, these are the shoes for you!

All our sizes are quoted in the US sizing system. Please refer to our size chart for measurements in other countries.

Although the Astra sneaker is specifically designed for super comfort with unique insoles, you’re free to remove them and use your own. If you don’t love your Astra insoles, you just slide in the ones you do. Just be sure to give our insoles a try first - we’ll surprise you!

Show your feet some love again and travel in comfort with Astra sneakers

Treat your feet to the Astra


Step anywhere in comfort with our best-selling sneaker. Say goodbye to foot pain and set your feet free.

Experience the Astra Effect...

  • Cloud comfort cushioning
    Your feet feel like they’re floating
  • Maximum breathability
    Soft mesh for cool, dry feet in summer
  • Enhanced safe grip
    New slip-resistant sole
  • Flexible footbed
    With a soft upper fabric

Ready to take a walk on the clouds?

Paulette P.

"This is my second pair. I only take them off to go to sleep. I put them on the first thing in the morning and take them off when I go to bed at night.I am 72, they bring me comfort every day."