Annaliese Color Sneakers


The versatile Annaliese Runners are here to twist and turn for you through thick and thin.

Health meets fashion in a cheerful shoe that is designed to support every step you make.

Have fun, laugh a lot and live to the fullest with Annaliese!

UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT:The flexible Annaliese lets you move freely, from recreational daily walks to serious sports events, they have got you covered. The marathon you always wanted to participate in? No problem!

NO MORE SLIPS AND FALLS:The stable heavy-duty non-slip outsole keeps you stable on your feet. No more tumbles and adrenaline-spiked scares, keep your feet firmly on the ground!

ALL THE FAMILY TIME:Instead of accepting limitations, Annalise provides solutions. With an air-cushioned sole, you can participate in all-day walking family activities. Take the little ones to the playground and have fun together!

YOUR CALENDAR, YOUR RULES:With more flexibility of movement comes the freedom to set your own goals. You do not have to rely on others to survive. Retain the muscle mass in your legs by walking thousands of steps every day without pain or worry.

HEALTH COMES FIRST:Thanks to a soft insole and healthy arch support, you are set to prevent health issues from developing. Heel spurs, neuropathy and bunions are only some of the conditions that you shouldn't have to deal with.

Gel cushioning for superior arch support, thick outsole for cloudlike walking, stretchable lightweight fabric and breathable material create the perfect sneaker for long walks, athletic adventures, and non-slip exercising. Paired with stunning colors this stability runner is a hit of this season.