Alberta Running Shoes


Wear the comfortable foot armor that is Alberta Sneakers: high-end coziness for an active lifestyle.

The fashion sneaker features lovely colors that pop and attract compliments while treating your health with care.

Wear and tear - not your problem anymore!

DAZZLE YOUR CLIQUE:When you wear a shoe that you can truly trust, life becomes a tad brighter and your confidence returns like never before. Feel good in the extra-comfy Alberta that features the perfect padded insole for you.

ONE-ON-ONE TIME:You are your own boss and the last thing you need is adult supervision. Babysit the little ones of the family with confidence. Catch them before every trip or fall through the help of air cushioning that adds the spring back into your step.

LIVING WITHOUT SUFFERING:Everything about Alberta is built to prevent new pain and reduce existing issues. Stretch upper material expands around your conditions and hugs them to prevent rubbing.

REVISIT YOUR BUCKET LIST:Thanks to the unique pro-movement technology, Alberta is the perfect sneaker for physical activity. It redistributes walking pressure minimizing long-walk discomfort.

THE ONE FOR YOU:If you like to participate and be present, Alberta is here as an all-day-wear shoe. With breathable fabric, you can avoid perspiration and stay dry all day long.

The athletic runner is made to add to your height while providing stability through a curved non-slip outsole. Multiple air cushions in strategic positions redistribute walking pressure and alleviate the strain put on your joints and legs. Alberta is the fun shoe that puts your well-being first!