Adrianna Casual Sneakers


The new ultra-breathable Adrianna Comfort Sneakers are here to keep you fresh all day long.

Do all the sports you love, participate in physical activities without worry and enjoy life without restrictions.

Choose Adrianna and fulfill your goals!

LET YOUR FEET BREATHE:With a new superior soft weaving technology, air circulation is increased and perspiration tackled immediately. Enjoy dry feet and forget about athlete's foot.

MOVE FREELY:The stretch in the upper fabric paired with a curved sole lets you twist and turn the sneakers according to your needs. Even swelling is no obstacle to you staying comfortable in Adrianna.

CREATE PRECIOUS MEMORIES:Take a little hand in yours as you walk through town together. Jog next to your grandchildren riding their first bike. Accompany the family to all the long trips with shoes that support you.

STAY HEALTHY: To live an active life as years pass by, you need to retain a healthy muscle mass in your legs. To do so, constant walks and a thousand steps are a daily recommendation. Enjoy nature without suffering walking pains through an airy outsole.

KEEP YOUR GOALS ALIVE: To prevent health conditions from forming, the versatile Adrianna sneaker is designed with you in mind. An arch-support curve distributes walking pressure away from the heel.

The flexible arch-support sole is perfect for exercising and movement. A soft insole provides you with a cloudlike feeling while walking. Lightweight design for minimized fatigue and breathable upper mesh that stretches to your needs create a cohesive shoe in fun and cheerful colors.