Prussia Slip-on

Your little speck of gold, Prussia Slip-on Runners are the perfect choice for casual gatherings and hectic mornings.
A sleek design in a practical shoe makes this a favorite of women who love to move.
Whether you are a CEO of a company or your own home, Prussia is always on your side.
TAKE THE SPONTANEOUS WALKS YOU LOVE:The comfortable fabric of Prussia hugs your feet in all the right ways, reducing the pain from existing conditions like bunions or Athlete's Foot.
SPEND MORE TIME WITH FAMILY: You can create new, precious memories with your loved ones without worrying about exhaustion, pain, or blisters.
ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS: An outsole that reduces pressure on your heel lets you spend more time doing activities that promote good health.
BE THE IT-GIRL AMONG YOUR GIRLFRIENDS:The modern style paired with a classic silhouette gives you a pair of shoes that will always be in style. 
OVERCOME ALL OBSTACLES:Don't give up the things you love. Prussia is the right shoe if you are looking for a better fit that considers your feet and legs.
Elastic closure lets you slip in and out of the shoe in seconds. Reinforced ankle and toe support adds to the durability of the accented shoe while showcasing powerful fashion accents. A curved outsole and padded insole support you on all the errands. A non-slip finish helps you stand your ground.