Payton Slip-On Sneaker


Soft cushioned upper material and a sturdy sole for perfect balance. Payton Slip-On is here to help you get up and go.

Forget about tedious shoelaces or inconvenient ways to put on your sneakers. Simplify your daily life in comfort instead.

Sporty occasions and casual get-togethers are when Payton helps you thrive.

  • Soft breathable upper material that is gentle against your skin
  • A curved outsole that promotes healthy walking
  • Sturdy platform base for comfort in rough terrain
  • Thick quality material that does not rip easily
  • Perfect for casual outings and athletic gatherings
  • Sock-like fabric that prevents heavy perspiration

If you live any kind of active lifestyle, you deserve to have at least one pair of Payton Sneakers. With a soft insole that helps keep your feet alive during those long and chaotic days, you are all set to reach new heights in life.