Ohio Slip-On Sneakers

Size Guide

The Youthful Ohio Slip-on is here to make your life easier through simple wear and cushioned heel.

Enjoy powerful colors that look stunning paired with anything while providing you with athletic freedom.

Walk for miles without drowning your feet in perspiration!

KEEP THE PRESSURE AWAY: Walking creates fatigue. With the right shoe, you can enjoy arch support that prevents the development of plantar fasciitis and a shoe that breathes to avoid athlete's foot.

PARTICIPATE WITHOUT WORRIES: No more wondering when your legs are going to give out. No more betrayal of your body. Ohio helps you retain muscle mass in your legs by giving you insole support that makes long walks possible.

ALWAYS STAY STEADY: Curved sole paired with a high-durability non-slip outsole gives you the stability that lets worries slip away. Stay confident during rain and fallen leaf season.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY: Enjoy every special moment with your family. No more raw bunions because of inadequate shoes. Ohio stretches to conform and lets you live and laugh as you engage with the grandkids.

STAY CUSHIONED:An air cushion in the midsole minimizes impact as you walk, reducing the stress put on your joints and feet. Enjoy fewer sores and more joy while walking.

A soft cushioned insole, curved anti-shock midsole and superior arch-support create a shoe that keeps you healthy while you participate in your daily life and reach new goals every day. Enjoy lightweight airiness and gel cushioning that keeps the pains of walking away.