Joey Slip-On Sneakers


If you prefer comfort to sacrifice, Joey Athletic Sneaker is for you. A tomboy design that lets you move is the perfect solution to a fast-paced environment.

A minimalistic style meets convenience in a lace-less design that conforms to your individual shape.

If you love the great outdoors, Joey will treat you right.

STRETCHES FOR MILES: With an incredibly soft and moldable top, your shoes alleviate every existing health condition and prevent new ones from forming. 

EVERY SINGLE MOMENT SPENT TOGETHER: Don't cancel at the last minute because the pain in your legs is giving you a hard time. With Joey, these conditions are a distant memory.

FEWER WORRIES ABOUT TRIPPING AND FALLING:A stable outsole keeps you planted firmly on the ground. Even if you get slightly light-headed, Joey has got you covered.

NEW DECADE, NEW MEMORIES:You are never running out of time. Retain the muscle mass in your legs by being able to move longer and further and create new memories every day of your meaningful life.

NO MORE SACRIFICES:Don't give up your independence. You can run your own errands, you can do your own shopping. You can have it all with healthy walking support.

A lightweight design and a breathable mesh fabric make these sneakers feel like house slippers. You can wear the shoes all day long without noticing any strain. A convenient tab in front and back, lets you slip into the slides and get going without wasting a moment of your life.