Nefertiti Platform Sandals


Let your inner queen out with the Nefertiti Heeled Sandals. A combination of ancient styles, this shoe embodies Greece, Rome and Egypt combined.

The sleek summer shoes are every woman's dream. They look stunning, fit lovingly and support you no matter where you go. 

A regal summer look of gold, silver or night is just a step away.

  • Back zipper closure for easy wear and access
  • Rich precious metal tones and deep night colors
  • Free-spirited Free-flowing braided design 
  • Ankle support in two durable straps
  • Artificial leather straps to preserve the animal kingdom
  • Curved sole for maximum comfort and foot health

A low platform adds a level of sass while keeping you comfortable when you have to walk for hours. The youthful open design is elevated by weaved straps that showcase the coat of nail polish you wear beautifully. It is time to adorn your feet with glitter, gold or night.