Kiara Platform Sandals


Kiara Slip-On Slides are here to make your summer that much more convenient and your vacation even more enjoyable.

The chunky platform sandals are a perfect match for an adventurous soul that carries a dash of color in her heart.

A hidden gem is here to uncover the accent that Kiara keeps under your feet.

  • A colored insole that lets you peek at the secrets within
  • Adjustable velcro strap to help you achieve the perfect fit
  • Curved outsole for maximum foot comfort
  • Soft fabrics that let you avoid rubbing and the forming of blisters
  • Foam-like design that adds a bounce to your step
  • A non-slip style that lets you play in the rain

Wear these fashion slides and gain an extra inch or two to your height. Visit the beach or go on a stroll in a breathable shoe that will keep you from getting too hot during the heat. Reduced perspiration and comfortable insole give you comfort while the style and color speak for themselves.