Kali Konverse

Light Denim
Dark Denim

When it is time to enjoy the heat of the summer, Kali Konverse Slides are here. Easy slip-on and simple wear let your feet breathe a sigh of relief.

These flat-sole sandals are perfect for the beach. They do not gather sand, like regular tennis shoes, but grant you easy slip-on and out access.

Wear the staple you love without drowning in heat.

  • Breathable fabric that replaces the tight fit you love during cool seasons
  • Shoe-lace adjustment that lets you find the fit that suits you best
  • A lightweight and balanced step for fun walking 
  • Tie-dye accents for an elevated fashion sense
  • Thread stitching that creates a durable shoe
  • Straight sole with a soft insole for extra comfort

The new spin on a classic design lets you keep everything you love and avoid all the disadvantages of a closed-toe sneaker. These slides fit your feet perfectly thanks to the adjustable laces that can be tied in a neat bow or tucked away. Breathable cool fabric adds an extra layer of comfort so you can enjoy your every day.