Aphrodite Sandals


The Aphrodite Sandals let you glide regally to every destination. As a Greek goddess, you are the center of attention at every party.

Your beauty radiates miles away and your style sets trends for this summer and the next to come.

Aphrodite is youthful beauty embodied quietly and with poise.

  • Hidden easy-access back zipper closure
  • Braided and solid intertwined strap design
  • Soft inner zipper cover that prevents rubbing and blisters
  • Elastic adjustable top strap buckle accent
  • Low heel curved outsole that adjusts to your feet
  • Soft insole for miles of pain-free walking

The fashionable Aphrodite wedge sandals feature classic solid tones and a steady design that lets you feel stable as you walk. The cute design straps wrap a braid around your big toe and continue on, creating a beautiful breathable look for all the hot summer days.