Rita Sneakers


Wear the breathtaking Rita Sneakers no matter where you go.  Enjoy an innovative design with a comfortable fit. 

The platform sneakers are perfect for an outing with friends, a light workout, or running your daily errands. 

Dazzle everyone with your sense of style!

ENJOY EVERY DAY:Rain or sun, be ready for it all. A waterproof finish lets you enjoy even the wet days to the fullest. Whenever you feel nature calling, Rita will accompany you.

RESTAURANT DINNERS AND BBQ PARTIES: This is the casual wedge for you to wear for any occasion. It looks amazing on your feet and offers multiple fashion elements that create a fun finish

ENJOY BETTER HEALTH:Through soft cushioning, you can walk longer and further without discomfort. Sink into Rita and get on top of your athletic game, reinforcing your body to stay strong.

CREATE NEW MEMORIES WITH THOSE THAT MATTER:Join your loved ones even on the more strenuous adventures, without having to lay in bed for days after the fun.

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN DESTINY:Be independent in everything you do. Cross out every item on your bucket list, after fulfilling it all. Rely on Rita to enforce your body, like armor for your feet.

No animals are harmed in the production of Rita. The PU leather ensures a durable, cruelty-free product that fits you well. With a soft insole, it fits like a glove. Double sole adds soft cushioning for your feet, while a zipper closure simplifies your life. An unforgettable design demonstrates your personality, while a vulcanized rubber provides you with a long-lasting sneaker.