Reigna Sneakers


The reflective rainbow Reigna Sneakers are here to shine together with you. They fit like a glove and look stunning on every amazing woman out there.

A thick sole designed to boost your step and add to your height is just one of the many upsides to Reigna. With the pair, you can truly feel like the queen you are. 

Shine bright like a gemstone!

SAVE EVERY MINUTE: Tie your laces once and slip into the platform sneakers every other time. Be on time no matter where you go and never miss a moment.

LEAD A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: The stretch mesh fabric conforms to your feet and delivers on all your needs, letting you forget about any existing health conditions you might struggle with.

RUN YOUR OWN ERRANDS: For your everyday needs, a light workout, or long hours spent on a flight connection, Reigna will never let you down. It empowers you to do everything you require independently.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY: Forget discomfort. Go to the Zoo and spend all day interacting with your family, creating memories that will last forever in your heart.

LOOK STYLISH, FEEL CONFIDENT: Comfort means everything and paired with style it is an unstoppable force on your side. Hold your head high, you look incredible, a queen wearing Reigna.

Breathable mesh fabric creates dry comfort for your feet. A curved outsole designed to accommodate your feet and re-distributes walking pressure.  A convenient ankle strap lets you pull on the sneaker fast. An elastic sewn-in tongue lets you adjust that much easier. A soft padded insole creates a better environment for good health.  An orthopedic midsole creates the best wearing experiences.