Marcia Velcro Sneakers

Size Guide

Easy Slip-on Marcia Sneakers are here to let you roam free and discover new heights in life.

Velcro up, and go without the usual discomfort of tying shoelaces and unexpected back pains.

Be bold, be free, be ready to push yourself with Marcia!

IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS: Show off to your inner circle with a fun lightweight shoe that is easy to put on and goes stunningly with any other garment.

SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY: A curved sole accommodates the shape of your foot and minimizes the impact of walking, letting you cover longer distances and spend time with the rambunctious little ones of the family.

LEAVE THE PAIN BEHIND: A padded insole and a stretch upper fabric accommodate existing health concerns. No more rubbing on blisters or bunions, no more corns that get worse. Marcia is here to help you recover.

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE:The high-performance slip-on supports an active lifestyle through a mesh fabric that prevents perspiration and moisture buildup.

AVOID HEALTH-ISSUE DEVELOPMENT:Adequate arch-support keeps you strong and healthy, letting you avoid plantar fasciitis while conforming fabric keeps painful ingrown toenail issues away.

These bejeweled knit sneakers are the perfect bedazzle for your life. They are fun, bright and cheerful, with a curved sole that supports your feet and a breathable fabric that keeps moisture at bay. Choose these bad boys to brighten up a boring world.