Blossom Slides


The incredibly comfortable instant pain relief Blossom Slides offer you happiness and absolute comfort even on the rainiest of days.

A breathable textured insole massages your feet, working towards reduced joint discomfort. Blossom slides are thick and gentle, creating an opportunity for you to walk from dusk until dawn without any pain.

✔ Hugs your feet for the perfect fit
✔ Prevents blisters and calluses from forming
✔ Accommodates existing foot health conditions
✔ Cushions every step you take
✔ A blooming statement that earns you compliments

RELIABLE NON-SLIP OUTSOLE- avoid broken bones by wearing reliable footwear that lets you enjoy an adventure with loved ones

DREAMLIKE CUSHIONING - walk on clouds without ever having to think about discomfort

24/7 100% COMFORT - stay cozy even when dealing with existing health conditions like bunions and callouses

PAIN-RELIEVING FINISH - forget about swelling that leads to your foot feeling strangled and tingly during hot summer days

INSTANT PAIN-FREE WALKING - angled balance that starts in your feet and leads all the way up to your hips provides soreness relief