Air Slides


Enjoy security and pain-relief while utilizing the breathability and comfort of a flip-flop that is Air Slides.

Through ergonomic style met by convenience and flexibility, you are given a shoe that treats your feet preciously and eliminates pain. Thanks to additional arch and heel support, even after long hours on your feet, Air makes you feel like you are walking on clouds

✔ Twist and turn without discomfort
✔ Thick design that absorbs pressure
✔ Keeps your stable even on slopes
✔ Redistributes walking pressure, eliminating pain
✔ Enjoy a compliment-inducing color explosion

BOUNCY SOLE - enjoy all-day comfort that prevents chafing and blisters from forming as you walk

HEAVENLY COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY - forget about joint and foot pain that prevents you from enjoying precious moments with loved ones

NON-SLIP DESIGN - your feet are framed by raided edges that keep you stable while a non-slip outsole prevents slips and falls

INSTANT PAIN REDUCTION - enjoy pillow-soft comfort as you walk without any fatigue 

THERAPEUTIC CUSHIONING - these flip-flops help you relax with every step you take