Myra Sneakers

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A pair of Myra Sneakers is all you need this season. A stylish band overlay creates a modern and futuristic edge.
This lightweight sneaker pairs well with leggings and loose vests, so try that look out on sweltering days.
Lounge or live, Myra is for you.

WORK OUT WITHOUT PAIN:Thanks to the orthopedic design of the fashionable runner, you can exercise in comfort. Run longer, walk faster, and forget about wincing in pain.
STUN WITH YOUR SENSE OF STYLE:A sports shoe that is also a fashion statement. Myra adds to your beauty with dazzling accents and stunning colors that make you happy. 
LOVE THE LITTLE ONES:Spend more time with the family that you love, even when the gathering is filled with activity that was strenuous to you in the past. Myra alleviates your struggles and supports you through every game of tag.
IMPROVE YOUR LEG HEALTH:With a shoe that gets you, you can walk longer distances and strengthen your health. Myra makes 10000 steps look like nothing.
BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE: Don't delegate because of fear to be in pain. Myra works around existing conditions and prevents new ones from developing.


A lightweight air upper mesh provides a breathable fit that creates better air circulation. A slightly curved sole accommodates your foot and eliminates pressure pain on your heel. A padded PU insole softens your walks and adds a bounce to your step. Cotton lining minimizes rubbing and creates a blister-free environment.